Acceptance is a Moving Target

Written and performed by Louise Pearson
Directed by Cheryl King

Featuring multiple characters and brief original compositions for koto, guitar and voice, flutes, hammer dulcimer and octo-mandolin, this compelling story is played in two acts.  From starting the first vineyard and winery in West Virginia to guiding her aging parents to the great beyond, Louise Pearson explores themes of resilience and forgiveness with insight, laughter and pathos.  Ms. Pearson drew from her novel to create this play, and brought in acclaimed NYC director Cheryl King to help her bring the show to the stage.


the video was shot from an iphone on the front row.

Comments from the audience:

AMAZING, HILARIOUS, HEARTWARMING, AUTHENTIC, TALENTED gift of performance!!  I did not want the show to end. Times like now are when people need a show like this to show us how alike and vulnerable we all are... 

Fabulous job!!  The way she wove the story together, the music, the  production values and the your acting/singing/playing…were all superb.  It was intimate, funny, ran the gamut. 

I more than loved it. It really touched me. I feel I know you better, and I feel I know me better. 

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to be inspired, entertained and moved.

I loved your performance - it was deep, funny, compassionate - and your musicality off the charts.  I loved how you wove such a multi-dimensional experience in for us all and your life-time dedication to living a creative life continues to be inspiring.  Your comic timing was impeccable - a deep bow for who you are and what you offer in your willingness to walk the edge of a fully engaged life.

You were breathtaking last night: a true tour de force.  Your performance was staggering and an homage to your parents, your life and your beautiful heart.  I cried, laughed and felt inspired by the breadth of your experiences and the totality of your unconditional love and acceptance.  Thank you, thank you! 

Just trying to come down off my high from your show and get to sleep.  I was totally captured by the beautiful and intriguing format, using video, your music, and the multiple characters that took possession of the stage for their moments in the sun. Richly done.

Brilliant, particularly while impersonating those old, crusty men.

Louise Pearson performs her incredibly creative solo show. She tells her wild life story through interactive storytelling in a way we can all connect with, expertly playing exotic instruments, perfectly imitating important characters, and being straight up real and funny.


About Louise Pearson: 
Jazz singer, vineyard manager, stockbroker, musician, designer, potter, painter - Louise's resumé reads like a multiple personality disorder. Her embrace of opportunity and reinvention provides for an adventurous and creative life, and this solo show is the latest manifestation. 

About Cheryl King: 
NYC acting coach and theater director, Cheryl King is described as the “matriarch of the Off-Off Broadway solo scene” by the New York Times. She has directed more than 60 solo shows, a number of which have won Drama Desk nominations and awards in the NY International Fringe Festival.